for no New York City Marathon coverage!

The highlights: Susan Chepkemei, who’s finished second about a billion times but has never won a marathon, had the lead in Central Park, then started puking without breaking stride, lost the lead to a Latvian (Jelena Prokopcuka), but held on for, again, second.

The world-record holder, Paul Tergat (above, left), and last year’s NYC champ, Henrik Ramaala (right), had a sprint finish, almost a photo finish–which never happens. This after Ramaala threw down a 4:21 mile on First Avenue (mile 17) (world record for a single mile is 3:43), trying to break the pack’s back. Tergat beat Ramaala by a half step–.3 seconds after 26.2 miles–and Ramaala, diving for the line, nearly did an insane face plant.

I couldn’t find any puke photos.

Sam, I didn’t cover the MLS Eastern Conference Finals yesterday, either. I’m really sorry. There are only so many hours in the day, and so many photographs of the Carolina Panthers cheerleaders.