Here’s at least 20 minutes of material for Jim Rome, perhaps 30 if he repeats the same sentences enough times.

From the Associated Press. (link courtesy Marc Perlman)

A 20-year-old soccer fan was hacked to death with a sickle and dozens were arrested after a brutal clash between rival soccer gangs, police said Monday.

Rafick da Silva Cancio was lashed three times with a sickle when a brawl erupted Sunday during a chance meeting of Flamengo and Botafogo fans. Cancio, a fan of Botafogo, died before police arrived to stop the melee.

“It was inhuman,” officer Delis Prates said in a televised interview.

The fans, in two bus convoys, arrived late for the game and were turned away from the stadium in Volta Redonda, 108 kilometers (70 miles) southwest of Rio, media reported. They were returning to Rio when a Botafogo bus stopped with a flat tire and the Flamengo group pulled up.

The buses emptied and the fans brawled with sticks and stones, police said. A Flamengo fan reportedly found a sickle left near the roadside by a fruit vendor and attacked Cancio.