Surely I’m not the only person who believes Suggs’ best days are far behind him?

I don’t mean to sound discouraging, but these ska/NFL crossovers rarely work out, as evidenced by Buster Bloodvessel’s near-death experience at Vikings camp two summers ago. Or maybe that was Brock Lesnar.  Hard to remember, either way.

As part of a cultural exchange nearly as lopsided as the one that gave the UK David Soul in exchange for Nic Harcourt, Suggs’ acquisition takes place the same day Browns owner Randy Lerner’s takeover bid of Aston Villa has been approved. Sports Frog asks, “will Aston Villa fans march in the streets, boycott the club, and threaten non-renewal of season tickets?”

If the Frog is alluding to Malcom Glazer’s takeover of Manchester United, there’s two key differences worth pointing out.  For one, there’s no word (yet) on Lerner having to borrow heavily against Villa’s stadium in order to raise funds for the sale (the protests against Glazer were rooted in something a little more substantial than anti-American sentiment or global hatred of Jon Gruden). For another, short of Mark Goldberg buying the club, anyone, American or Martian, will be considered an improvement over Deadly Doug.