Phillies 7, Mets 0 (4th inning)

Pedro Martinez has left the buiding just before completing his Luke Hudson impersonation. 1 IP, 9 batters, faced, one balk, 4 hits, 1 walk, 6 earned runs. David Dellucci’s solo HR in the third put the Philadelphia up by 7. This just in, Bill Giles doesn’t think the Phillies were that hard on Martinez.

Oliver Perez, still a dark horse candidate for that Mets 6/7 man rotation in September, allowed just one earned run and 5 hits over 6 innings (7 K’s) in Norfolk’s 3-2 loss to Columbus earlier today. Edgardo Alfonso hit his 2nd HR since being reacquired by Wilpon Inc., and the Clippers’ Aaron Guiel had the game winning hit with his 10th inning RBI single.

I would like to apologize for comparing Brian Schnieder’s outburst to those of Ryan Leaf, but would still hope the Nationals catcher can learn a lesson from one of the game’s elder statesmen. And if Frank Robinson can’t show him a thing or two about decorum, there’s always Whitey Herzog.