Popular consensus for months has been that Orlando were the winners in the T-Mac/Stevie Franchise megadeal, but what does it say about said swap when the Rockets suddenly have a better record than the Magic, and they’ve beaten the latter twice in a week (without McGrady on the 2nd occasion?).

I’ll leap to the following conclusions :

a) Grant Hill is obviously struggling with his wrist injury
b) Doug Christie isn’t supplying the smothering defense as of yet, but he’s on the lookout for smothering wife Jackie punching out female fans who cheer when Doug checks into the game.

c) Even on a shooting night of Jamal Crawford-proportions, new addition Bob Sura (above) makes a huge difference when he’s driving the lane, ie. he’s very willing to get maimed.
d) Jon Barry is gonna shoot out the lights at least once or twice a season. For another year or two.