For those clubs unafraid of spending, there are varied opportunities to improve this off-season. Given Twins owner Carl Pohlad’s tight purse strings (and to be fair, he probably carries a wallet) the St. Paul Pioneer Press’ Bob Sansevere isn’t very optimistic. (link courtesy Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

The Twins’ pitching staff is pretty much set. It’s their offense that needs improving. And it won’t take an overhaul. Just give GM Terry Ryan the go-ahead to acquire, by trade or via free agency, one or two hitters in their prime.

“We’re not in the depths of despair,” Ryan said. “I know people are a little concerned ” maybe a lot concerned ” where we’ll generate offense. That’s a legitimate concern. I’m not saying one guy would do it. We’d benefit if we get more than one person.”

The problem, as always, is Pohlad. He’s too much of a tightwad to let Ryan pursue the top free agents. It’s folly to even wonder if the Twins will pursue Paul Konerko, who has the power they desperately need.

“I don’t think it’s realistic here,” Ryan said.

Instead of taking a stab at Konerko or other pricey free agents, the Twins will home in on bargain-bin players. Guys such as Mike Piazza and Rondell White. Guys who make you cross your fingers that they won’t succumb to age or injuries.

“We are looking at gambles and maybe stretching our thoughts,” Ryan said. “I’m not opposed to talking or thinking about anybody. I don’t think we ought to turn our shoulder to anybody who’s out there if he can generate something with his bat.”

Especially if he comes cheap.