Sure, the Celtics can stay competitive when denied the services of Kevin Garnett, but they’ll also look towards the immediate future without multi-time concussion victim Ryan Church Brian Scalabrine.  From the Boston Globe’s Steve Bulpett :

œYou can™t do anything, Scalabrine said of the last week™s inactivity. œI can™t watch TV for more than 30 minutes. I can™t read a book. I can talk to my wife, but she gets tired of that. But I will say this: When I start trying to read a book, everything moves. I have problems with motion during the day.

Prior to yesterday™s game, Scalabrine said of the neck injury, œNinety-nine percent of it is concussion related. We™ve gone over every concussion I™ve had since my college days (five total) to see what™s going on.

Scalabrine suffered the first of the recent concussions when Dirk Nowitzki caught him with an elbow on Jan. 25. Two days later, Patrick O™Bryant hit him in the head during practice. Then, last Monday in Denver, Scalabrine pulled up on a fast break and was hit hard in the back by Johan Petro.

œIn retrospect, he probably pushed to come back and we allowed it, Rivers said. œYou know, maybe that was too quick. But we™ve just got to be perfect with this one. I™m sure at some point it will be an issue where he™ll want to play because he feels good. I™m very worried. It™s not one of those injuries that you can see. I think we™re still learning about it in our league.

OK, the above story is more than a day old and isn’t the most crucial bit of news I could’ve grabbed.  But I’ll use any excuse to link to this (again).

Everyone has their own way of dealing with the closure of the Rocky Mountain News. There’s one guy in Denver who was so distracted by the paper’s demise, he couldn’t hear his boss yelling at him.