The disembodied, Don Pardo-esque voices that handle narration duties for Gol TV are in fine form today, calling the action from Juventus’s Coppa Italia Semi-Final visit to Lazio.   The winner of said match has a date with the winner of Wednesday’s tie between Sampordia and Internazionale, though it’s unlikely such an encounter will cause as much of a stir on the rhetorical richter scale as the Nerazzurri’s 3-3 draw with Roma Sunday night.

Mario Balotelli was awarded what some Roma supporters thought to be a dubious penalty. The shy, retiring Inter manager Jose Mourinho, ie. God’s Gift To Sports Journalism, will hear none of it, however. From Tuesday’s Guardian :

“There has been the greatest amount of intellectual manipulation,” Mourinho claimed. “There was a concerted, organised effort to manipulate public opinion. It was fantastic work but it is unrelated to my world “ I work in football.

“I don’t like intellectual prostitution, I like honesty,” he continued. “Over the last few days nobody has mentioned that Roma have great players but will end the season without a title. Nobody has mentioned that Milan have 11 fewer points than us and will end the season without a title. Nobody has spoken about Juventus, who have won so many points thanks to refereeing mistakes. We have only won one game thanks to a mistake and that was the Siena match.

“Claudio Ranieri [Juve’s manager] said he is shoulder to shoulder with Luciano Spalletti? Well, I will side with all the coaches who have fallen foul against Juventus “ Cesare Prandelli, Pasquale Marino, Gigi Del Neri.

“Every time I turn on the TV I see Spalletti, who is everyone’s friend, but I don’t like prime-time television. I don’t know whether these people pay to be interviewed. I know that they offer me money for interviews and I refuse because I don’t manipulate reality.”