Boston P Curt Schilling tells the Boston Globe’s Chris Snow that he’d like to return to the starting rotation ASAP, as well as offering a unique explaination for his blown save against the Yankees 9 days ago.

”Everybody wants to get on Bronson [Arroyo] for the things he did the night before he pitched [performing a concert July 13], but I had my family in Disney over the All-Star break for a vacation,” Schilling said. ”I didn’t get back until Thursday morning.”

Schilling’s vacation culminated with an appearance at ESPN’s awards show, the ESPYs, the night before the Yankees game. He then flew all night with his wife and children, landing in Boston the morning of the game.

”I woke up when we landed, about 7:30 [a.m.],” Schilling said. ”I slept most of the flight and slept when I got home, but it was probably not the optimal situation, and that’s nobody’s fault but my own.”

Actually, everyone should get on Arroyo’s case. His music is, to quote Dice Clay, raping rock and killing roll. But full marks to Schilling, for once again recognizing that it’s all about him. And the only thing more questionable than attending the ESPY’s (where you presumably get a gift bag with an iPod or tasty jerky or something) is watching them.