From the AP’s Stephen Hawkins :

After meeting with a group of NFL owners, Schwarzenegger said he was there to make sure “we’re getting not only one NFL team to the Los Angeles area, Southern California, but to actually get two teams. That’s why I came. Why limit it?”

Replies Ben Schwartz,

Indeed, Los Angeles has bitterly boycotted its support of a single team for years until the NFL gives us the two teams we deserve, and I’m glad Schwarzenegger has decided to make that clear to the NFL. Although, now that the Anaheim Angels are the LA Angels, there’s no reason we can’t have the LA Chargers and the LA Raiders without much fuss.

I’m with the Gov. and Ben on this one. The USC Trojans have already proven that the notoriously fair-weather sports fans of Southern California will embrace a team if it is run in a professional manner.