While hailing SNY’s decision to employ injured Mets hurler / photographer Brian Bannister as a studio analyst, the New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman nitpicks on the following :

With Alex Rodriguez at the plate on Sunday against Toronto (fifth inning, bases loaded), Jim Kaat set the scene perfectly. He said A-Rod’s lack of production in these situations has dialed up the “pressure.”

“He (Rodriguez) has been hearing it from the crowd,” Kaat said.

But in typical Al Yankzeera style, up popped a replay of one time this season A-Rod has actually not gagged in the clutch. And that would be video of his Opening Day grand slam against Oakland.

Guess Al Yank has already destroyed all video of the times A-Rod A-Choked.

Meanwhile, during the Mets/Braves game Sunday on Ch. 11, the camera zoomed in on Bobby Cox (second inning) walking away from his normal dugout post to stand at the far corner. Gary Cohen figured Cox was trying to change the Braves’ luck. Ironically, standing behind Cox was a woman. Fortunately, Hernandez just talked baseball.