(16 points and 10 rebounds so far for LeBron today, with Cleveland leading Detroit, 74-70, and less than 3 minutes to play)

Aside from the sad update on Larry Hughes’ recent personal loss, the pregame prattle on ESPN prior to today’s Pistons/Cavs tilt centered on LeBron’s manicures — both those professionally and self-administered.

RaptorBlog’s Scott Carefoot is amongst those who would prefer not to witness King James’ nail-biting.

Do you think anybody has talked to LeBron about his disgusting nail-chewing habit or is his entourage too terrified of him to bring it up? Does he know that EVERYBODY talks about it and it completely squicks out EVERYONE? Maybe his business manager could just hire a personal manicurist and tell her to coat his nails with something so they taste bad. I’m just sayin’, is all.

The Association continues to be a mandatory stop on your daily survey of sites that don’t feature amputee sex. Guest contributor Chris Tagawa has the most interesting theory to date surrounding Kobe’s 2nd half disappearing act against the Suns in Game 7. To wit, the Lakers tanked the Suns series rather than suffer the hometown humiliation of being ousted by the Clippers.

Earlier, The Association’s Craig Kwasniewski asked about a photograph of Suns owner Robert Sarver “allegedy getting the crowd pumped up.”

How much does “Mr. Aryan Nation Rich Guy” wearing the gayest shirt really pump up the crowd?

A worthy, if indelicate question.  Can we presume the younger gentleman sitting to Sarvar’s left was wondering the same thing?