The infamous Tommy From Glasgow is fast becoming the most prodigious telephone terrorist east of WFAN’s long-lost Jerome From Manhattan. Earlier this week, the former rang Rangers striker Francisco Sandaza claiming to be a US-based agent trying to engineer a move to Major League Soccer, with the ensuing conversation earning Sandaza a suspension and no shortage of ridicule. From the Daily Mail’s Graeme Yorke :

The Spaniard complained of the standard of football in Division Three claiming: ‘I didn’t sign for the level, I signed for the money. I’ll get another contract after Rangers.”

Celtic supporter Tommy – who has never revealed his surname – was pretending to be middle-man Jack McGonigle and has previously tricked disgraced former Rangers owner Craig Whyte and ex-SFA chief executive David Taylor, now a senior UEFA official.

Sandaza tells the prankster he is on £4,500 a week for the first season of his four-year deal, which goes up to £10,000 in the final year. By that time the Ibrox club would expect to be back in the top flight of Scottish football.

The 28-year-old striker, who believed ‘McGonigle’ was approaching him about a move to Major League Soccer in the United States, admitted he would quit Ibrox for a better deal but insists he does not want the club to know about the conversation.

He says: ‘Do not do it officially through the club. Send me the contract first. I don’t want trouble if Rangers find out about this.’