What Chris Bosh doesn’t seem to understand: He won’t be a celebrity anywhere else he goes in the NBA. Especially if he goes to a team with LeBron James or Dwayne Wade. He’ll just be the other guy. There won’t be companies wanting him to do DVDs or CDs or whatever the latest technology is. Here, he matters. Somewhere else, not so much.Steve Simmons, Toronto Sun, June 7, 2009

Even if we’re to buy into the notion Chris Bosh is a universally revered celeb in Toronto, does Simmons honestly believe Bosh’s Q-rating/earning power will be higher continent-wide as the top banana in a hockey city…compared to say, being a prominent figure on a team with a chance to contend?  Wouldn’t lifting a trophy — even if he did so alongside a bigger star — do more to elevate Bosh’s profile than a Warners Canada compilation CD?  GM’s all over the NBA are jealous of Bryan Colangelo ; where can they find their own local columnist to so blatantly shill for the hometown team?