How badly can you mess up a QB’s knees by rolling into him? Ask Seattle’s Matt Hasselbeck, who was carried off the field during the 2nd half of yesterday’s 31-13 loss to Minnesota, and he might’ve missed backup Seneca Wallace throwing an INT on the very next sequence. From the Seattle Times’ Dan Raley.

Seahawks teammates thought he was faking. Yet once the severity of Matt Hasselbeck’s knee injury became apparent the suggestion was made in a subtle tone that the veteran quarterback possibly was the victim of a cheap shot.

Either way, the local NFL team lost the one player it could least afford to go without. On the third play of the second half of Sunday’s 31-13 loss to the Minnesota Vikings, Hasselbeck went down after standing in the pocket and throwing an incomplete pass. After a lengthy delay, quieting the 68,118 at Qwest Field, he was helped to the sideline by two trainers, unable to put weight on his right knee.

Hasselbeck became a casualty when Minnesota linebacker E.J. Henderson got shoved to the ground by Seattle fullback Matt Strong, but kept coming from the quarterback’s right side and made game-changing contact.

In hindsight, Jones questioned Henderson’s overaggressive play, figuring at least a penalty was in order.

“I thought he jumped off the ground and into his legs a little bit, but they didn’t make the call and that’s how it goes,” the All-Pro left tackle said of the Vikings defender.

Count Pro Football Talk amongst those unmoved by Charlie Weis’ continued insistence he’s staying at Notre Dame until he dies.

The real reason for the official position that Weis won’t leave? No college coach can afford to have his name linked to an NFL job, especially during recruiting season. If, for example, Weis was inclined to leave but the numbers couldn’t get worked out, his potential incoming players could scatter for other programs during his period of indecision.

So Weis is always in play, and like Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban before him Weis will remain in play until he makes the jump.

And jump he will (well, he can’t really jump, but you know what we mean). The NFL is still the highest level of the sport, and like a box full of Krispy Kremes he simply won’t be able to resist it.