Tigers 3, Cardinals 1 (series tied at 1)


No word yet if Albert running to the bag himself on Pudge’s 3rd inning grounder should be considered a dick move. I think I-Rod’s best shot at breaking out of his slump involves petitioning MLB to make this series a best of 9.

Anyone who claims it uncharacteristic of Wevie Stonder I to get out of such a tough jam as he did in the last of the 4th has no idea how quickly he thinks on his feet when those drug sniffing dogs start going crazy around his luggage.

As Curtis Granderson denied Preston Wilson of extra bases with a fine running catch to his right, Joe Buck reminded us “there is so much room out there.” So look at this way, Mets fans. Beltran taking a called third strike late Thursday night might’ve saved us the sight of Shawn Green having to run an extra 40 feet to after balls he misjudged.

Surely I am not the only person who watched Todd Jones struggle through a Country Time-esque 9th inning and wondered if the Tigers closer did indeed, give up a game tying hit Yadier (Fucking) Molina, would Kenny Rogers kill him on the spot, or just wait until they were in the clubhouse?