Sean Salisbury’s difficulties with co-workers during prior stops on the broadcaster’s career ladder have been noted in this space more than once. With the news that earlier in the week he’d been sacked from a commentary gig with the prestigious Lingerie Football League, I naturally assumed Salisbury had once again, fucked up royally. Not satisfied, however, with simply believing Salibury’s recidivist tendencies were to blame, Bleacher Report’s Carie Small has struck content-farming gold, hearing directly from the serial exhibitionist himself.

Sean laughed after reading the LFL press release, that included that inside league sources indicated he was released due to antics that frustrated the producers, saying, “Well, I wouldn’t lend much credence to that so called source”.

The former NFL quarterback went on to state that he, in fact, quit his position on the MTV2 broadcast because he simply did not have the time as he is working on other shows and spending the majority of his time as a QB coach.

A hard decision considering how much he respects the athletes in the league for their hard work and dedication and how much he enjoyed working with MTV and his broadcast partner Tom Dore.

Puzzled by what antics the LFL commissioner could possibly mean, Salisbury included that he recently drove eight hours, only one day after having shoulder surgery, to fulfill his obligations with the league.