In the wake of Ravens QB Kyle Boller’s injury against the Colts Sunday night, Deadspin has seen fit to regurgitate eons-old quotations from former Steeler Kordell Stewart that strongly suggest he’s (hang on to your seats)….GAY.

Never mind that the unsigned Stewart would be beneath Anthony Wright on the Ravens’ depth chart, we’re told that “Nobody Denies They™re Gay Like Kordell Stewart.”

Uh huh. Nobody. Other than Mike Piazza, Randy Travis, Ed Koch, Ricky Martin, Kevin Spacey, Ted Danson, Charlie Schlatter, The Exotic Adrian Street and George W. Bush, I can’t think of anyone, either.

As they seem to be having trouble coming up with anything meaty over at Deadspin, perhaps the following photograph can provide the gist of a future entry.

That’s right. Kyle Boller is being brought down from behind. By a man. Mindblowing stuff, huh?