Tim Cook writes,

The Seattle Times has many gems today I would love to share with you and your readers!

1. The Seattle Times’ Larry Stone concludes the M’s are still in the running for Burnett, Morris, Weaver, Millwood, Washburn, The Gambler and Kevin Brown! No mention of the fact that Ryan Franklin (8-15, 5.10) is STILL waiting for an arbitration offer. Same goes for Joel Pineiro (7-11, 5.62), but I figure they’ll keep him to the bitter end.

2.   Ichiro to play for Japan in World Cup. No news there, really, but this part sounds pretty good: 

“In a visit home, during which Ichiro also spent weeks filming a dramatic role for January’s three-part series of the popular Japanese detective show “Furuhata Ninzaburo,” (above) he met with Sadaharu Oh, who will manage Japan’s team.”

I would put anything past Ichiro, but I seriously doubt his wisdom of doing this. I would love to see the finished product, though, of course.

Finally, and I pray this hasn’t already been covered on Deadspin, Chris Cornell is suing to retrieve his Grammy awards, and another sordid story comes to an appropriate end .