David Segui, you’ve just been Roch (Un)Blocked! From the Baltimore Sun’s Mr. Roboto Kubatko.

In a recent entry, I praised former Oriole David Segui for stepping forward and telling ESPN™s Jeremy Shaap that he™s one of the players cited for using human growth hormone in Jason Grimsley™s affidavit. Segui knew his name would be leaked eventually and decided to go public and offer an explanation.

I also mentioned how I wasn™t surprised that Segui™s name surfaced, since he™s been linked to everything except Skittles. Which brings me to today™s unexpected phone call

While engaged in conversation with a friend, I noticed a caller with an 816 area code trying to reach me. I checked the message a few minutes later and heard the following:

“Roch, it™s David Segui. Just calling to see what flavor Skittles you wanted. I heard about that article you had written. You™re a comedian now, huh? You can give me a call back whenever you want. (Provides phone number). Take care, man. Talk to you soon.”

I immediately returned his call and was greeted with “Hey,” followed by a name that sounded nothing like “Roch.” Way too many letters and an extra syllable. Segui was only joking. I told him that I don™t even like Skittles. I just thought it was a funny line.

Segui explained how a Florida doctor prescribed 10 six-milligram vials of Somatropin “ a medication used to treat, among other things, growth failure and growth hormone deficiency “ after a pre-op blood test showed that Segui™s insulin-like growth factor level was 114. That™s fine if you™re 120 years old. Segui was 37 in 2003.

It™s obvious that Segui isn™t happy that Grimsley left out key words like “legal” and “deficiency” in the affidavit. And he wasn™t going to wait until his name was lumped together with other players before speaking up.

Segui said he has no recollection of ever seeing coffee marked “leaded” and “unleaded” in clubhouses to signify which pot contained amphetamines.

“I played on half the teams in the majors,” he said, “and I never saw that.”

Tomorrow : Rico Brogna denies receiving Fed Ex box full of Milk Duds.

I’m wondering, as long as MLB can go to the trouble of villifying and suspending ballplayers who are currently unemployed, what about team execs who might’ve sat on useful information?