(any excuse, however flimsy, to show the same photograph of Jean Louis Costes, is good enough for me)

From the NY Daily News’ Bob Raissman.

As part of their recruitment of Billy Wagner, Mets suits shipped him a DVD featuring celebrities praising the city. Tim McGraw, Kevin James, Jerry Seinfeld and Costas all made appearances in the DVD.

This was news to Costas.

“No one (from the Mets) contacted me to do anything,” Costas said. “If I’m in it, maybe they used an old clip. For all I know they used something from ‘Ken Burns: Baseball’ (the documentary). I didn’t do anything specifically for the Mets, let alone take part in the wooing of Billy Wagner.”

Presumably, the Mets didn’t use the Tim McGraw segments from “Jazz : A Film By Ken Burns”. But full credit to Omar Minaya — there are few NY icons more appealing than the former voice of the Cardinals, nor the author of such hits as “Indian Outlaw” and “Refried Dreams”.