(Eli, flunking the truth in advertising course)

While Big Blue falling 3 games behind Dallas in the NFC East is probably of more pressing concern, your nitpitckier-than-thou editor couldn’t help but notice there’s other words the New York Times would prefer to omit in addition to “cocksucker”. From John Branch in the Times’ Fifth Down blog :

It is not often that a team asks its fans to show their support by wearing a color generally not associated with the team. But that is what the Giants have done. Since the players will wear the team™s alternative jersey, the ones that are bright red, the Giants asked fans coming to today™s game to do the same.

Most fans will be in blue. That includes one Giants fan wearing a blue No. 9 Tony Romo Cowboys jersey. This young man slashed out the number, changed the name across the back to a rather unimaginative slur (we do not condone the behavior, just report it), and “ having heard the pleas of his favorite team “ painted his face bright red.

One color fans at home might see more than red during crowd shots is white. Fans are being handed little white towels to wave. What do those little towels say? Glad you asked.

In the design of a movie poster, they read, œNow Showing at the top, followed by œAn NFC East Rivalry in small letters.

œGIANTS vs. DALLAS follows, with the date and location. Then œStarring the New York Giants and a big Giants logo. Below, like movie credits, is a list of the team™s championships and various conference and division titles.

Below that are the logos of the sponsors who paid for the towels. But they did not pay the Fifth Down (and we would not accept any such offer anyway), so they will not be mentioned here. But one is a toilet-paper brand. Really.

Unimaginative? I dunno, even after several cups of black coffee, I don’t think I could’ve come up with “Shlomo”.