A few unusual tidbits buried in the Oregonian’s front page thumbsucker on the Week That Was, as you can reliably expect from Ryan White.

First, we learn that Joey Harrington is one of the many Portland Trail Blazers fans swept up by the We-Got-Oden-Zack-Is-Gone excitement.

The former Oregon Ducks QB bought season tickets after what the piece says was a six-year boycott of the team (a fact that ought to be amusing to the folks at FireMillen.com).

Then, to tie a bow around the piece, White turns to a past profile subject.

Individually, none of this is new, and for some time now professional athletes have been moving through the world like rock stars scoffing at authority. It’s not been an ideal week, but it’s not the end of the world, either. Just ask a rock star.

“Some of the actions they take part in even I couldn’t condone,” Beaverton native and East Nashville, Tenn.-based singer-songwriter Todd Snider (above) wrote in an e-mail. “But being a rocker, I have to say, I see many of these efforts to be less upstanding as an overall source of comfort.”

On his blog, White mentions that the “slightly-toned down” story was originally meant to be his usual Sunday sports-section rant-and-round-up. He also reprints Snider’s e-mail in its entirety (well… except – apparently – for the word “titty”).

finally some jocks i understand…

actually the vick thing blows my mind

life says “write your ticket”

and your idea of the “ticket” is killing dogs with your homies

sweet jesus

ever water ski or anything?


even a (nudie) bar?

this guy should hang out with pack man a little to improve his reputation

honestly i dont know what happened to the jocks

and some of the actions they take part in even i couldn’t condone

but being a rocker

i have to say

i see many of these efforts to be less upstanding

as an overall source of comfort

This might be the only time in my life I have ever (or will ever) say these words: I would have rather heard from Courtney Taylor-Taylor.