While Ozzie G. would have us believe the White Sox’ recent woes are a tonic for his haters around the world (“people that are happy about it, be careful with what you wish.”), HR’s from the oft-trade rumored Tadahito Iguchi and Jermaine Dye (above, right) helped Chicago to an 11-6 dispatch of the Orioles last night. And while the Baltimore bullpen was once again, exposed as a big pile of poo (hello, Kurt Birkins), what should we make of the club choosing to part ways with reliever Scott Williamson, who might actually represent something vaguely approaching competency? From the Washington Post’s Adam Kilgore.

“This is a move really to help me get a handle on where we are,” club president Andy MacPhail said. “To me, it was important that I get a chance to see some of our younger arms, to see how they might fit in to the puzzle in the future. It’s really an issue of trying to look forward and try to see, for lack of a more articulate form, what’s in the inventory to help us make decisions moving forward.”

Though the move was made more with Olson in mind than Williamson, there seemed to be some confusion about Williamson’s health.

“I think he was able to pitch,” MacPhail said. “I wouldn’t have designated him if I wasn’t getting reports that he was able to pitch.”

Said interim manager Dave Trembley: “He wasn’t available. There is a difference between not pitching and not being available.”

Asked about the apparent mix-up, Trembley said, “I don’t know if confusion is the right word. I think it was more really thinking he was going to be ready.”

Thanks for clearing that up, gentlemen.

While Trembley has us pondering the subtle distinctions between not pitching and jaking it not being available, Toronto G.M. J.P. Riccardi would like his $55 million bust A.J. Burnett to “realize the difference between being hurt and really being hurt.”

The Cardinals —- 3-2 winners over Arizona on Thursday — signed ‘roid-abuser reliever Ryan Franklin to a two-year extension. St. Louis assistant GM John Mozeliak describes the possibility of Franklin someday replacing Jason Isringhausen as the Cards’ closer as “doable”. And he’s correct, anything’s possible. Scott Spiezio winning the Mercury Music Prize. David Eckstein being allowed to ride a roller coaster. Braden Looper joining Mensa. Who’s to say Ryan Franklin isn’t the next Dennis Eckersley?