Assuring the long suffering people of Pittsburgh, “nobody within the organization has given up on this season,” Pirates CEO Kevin McClatchy has announced his resignation, effective at the end of the season he’s giving up on.

Pittsburgh Lumber Co.’s Cory Humes inhales the fumes and observes,

It™s hard to imagine this move being a step in the wrong direction. The McClatchy-era Pirates have had little success, save 1997™s œFreak Show team, and few would rate his stint with the organization as being productive. From day one we heard about the team™s commitment to winning, but so far it™s been too much talk and too few results.

It should be noted that the contracts of both Jim Tracy and David Littlefield expire after the 2008 season. Their future with the team should be made known sooner rather than later.

Y’know, it’s all well and good for couch jockey know-it-alls like the guy above to blast McClatchy, but never let it be said the outgoing boss wasn’t willing to make a bold move.  How else can you describe the daring-do it took to snare Derek Bell in 2001?