In a display of camraderie not seen since Michael Jackson told O.J. Simpson, “Don’t worry, I’ll watch the kids”, Orioles 1B Rafael Palmeiro has spoken on behalf of teammate Sidney Ponson. From the Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Zrebic :

“He didn’t come up to me or question me about anything,” said Palmeiro. “He put his arm around me, and he stands with me, and he supports me. I’m going to do the same with him. I’m going to help him in whichever way I can help him. I’m his teammate. I feel like I’m family with him. We’re all human and we all make mistakes, and we’re all here to help him if he needs our help.”

Palmeiro, who was vocal in his support of Ponson earlier this season when the Orioles seemed ready to trade him, said he was not sure what causes Ponson’s off-the-field issues, but he did not deny that the Aruban needs help. Thursday’s arrest was his third in the past nine months.

“Maybe he’s reaching out for help,” Palmeiro said. “I don’t know. Maybe we haven’t paid close enough attention. I love Sidney as a teammate. I respect him. He’s the kind of teammate I want. … Someone needs to be there for him. I know he doesn’t have family here. So some of us need to help come in and do whatever we can to help.”