Dear Friends,

Do not worry. I have not actually started doing real work in lieu of finding more fetching photographs of Maggie Gyllenhaal. At some point yesterday afternoon, CSTB’s lovely hosting company moved this site from one server to another. The good news is that said moves will enable the hosting company to maximize their profits. The bad news is that most of Tuesday’s content is, to quote Gary Cohen, “outta here”.

Knowing the strong likelyhood of such an occurance, I did make text copies of yesterday’s entries…all which were lost when a Powerbook hard drive decided to make like Barrett Robins and start Fucking Shit Up. A tough break. I’m told the 42,000 jpgs of Maggie Gyllenhaal have also been lost.

Anyhow, I’m doing my best to cope with these troubling events and I hope you are too. Regular actvity will resume shortly.