Though Jay Strell forwarded an earlier article on Windsor, Ontario’s adult entertainment industry, here’s an overview of the same from the Seattle Times’ Stuart Eskenazi “Party”.

What better place to find sex this week than Detroit? Well, not just Detroit. The Motor City’s sex appeal, after all, is on the level of Spokane’s. But five minutes across the lovely Detroit River lies lovely Windsor, Ontario, and the women who dance nude at Cheetah’s, one of a handful of strip clubs in the border city.

The readerboard outside Cheetah’s on Tuesday promoted the club’s big event for Sunday, being hosted by Miss Hustler, as in the magazine. “XXX Super Bowl Party. No Wide Receivers. Only Tight Ends. Cool Prizes.”

The Super Bowl, no matter the city, is billed as professional sport’s greatest contest. But year after year, it also attracts those looking for more than just football.

In addition to the Windsor strip clubs, several erotically charged private Super Bowl parties feature big-name celebrity guest lists. Adult-film studio Vivid and porn star Jenna Jameson host a party Friday night. Playboy, Penthouse and Maxim magazines host competing parties the night after.

Sex at the Super Bowl is big business, especially at Cheetah’s, which will feature 60 nude dancers on two floors throughout the weekend, including a bunch who have come to Windsor to get in on a piece of the profits.

“You’ve got to follow the pocketbooks,” said Anik, a dancer from Montreal, who asked that only her first name be used. Anik said she travels across North America to events that attract her kind of customer. “Any major sporting event is going to attract a lot of men. The Super Bowl definitely beats the Stanley Cup, that’s for sure.”

It would seem as though Windsor’s sex industry options — at least those covered by the Seattle Times and NY Post — are exclusively aimed at heterosexual males. And with that in mind, perhaps in the interests of appealing to a wider audience, the NFL might consider flying in Jasmine St. Claire’s close friend The Blue Meanie?