Newsday’s Jon Heyman on the recent tactics employed by execs at the World’s Most Fucked Arena :

Madison Square Garden and Garden dirt-diggers are working overtime on Anucha Browne Sanders, the former Knicks executive who filed a sexual- harassment suit against Isiah Thomas. And they couldn’t fill a thimble with what they’ve dug up so far.

We have learned — assuming the dirt-diggers and dishers are dead on — that Browne Sanders once scolded Marcus Camby for refusing to meet a VIP.

That she told Clarence Weatherspoon (who wasn’t named after an eating utensil for nothing) that he might consider dropping a few pounds.

We learned she requested a full page for herself in the media guide.

We learned she once kept Willis Reed waiting for 30 minutes in the reception area.

My sources tell me this is only the beginning.

It hasn’t come out yet, but my people say she didn’t always floss as a child.

And she routinely doesn’t curb her dog.

And she once took call- waiting while talking to Walt Frazier.

We’re eight days in, and they’ve got nothing on Nucha, as she was called as an all-everything basketballer at Northwestern.

Maybe she kept Willis waiting, maybe she told a tubby Knick to shed a few (maybe the coach should have beaten her to it) and maybe she wasn’t beloved by everyone who worked for her. But there is nothing so far to suggest she’s a liar.