The Minneapolis Star Tribune’s David Chanen, Paul McEnroe and Kevin Seifert on Mike Tice’s Voyage Of The Damned.

Minnesota Vikings players are being investigated in connection with a lake cruise that turned into a wild sex party last week on Lake Minnetonka. The party became so out of control that crew members on the two yachts were offered money for sex and feared for their safety, law enforcement authorities and an attorney for the cruise company said Tuesday.

Head coach Mike Tice told reporters today that he’s not happy about the allegations, while refusing to comment or confirm any details.

“I fashion these young men as an extension of my family,” Tice said. “So as a father and a family man, you can probably sense how I feel.”

“Incidents like these can either blow a team apart or pull a team together. It’s my job to pull the team together,” Tice said. “Obviously, our job is to get ready for Chicago and allegations like these don’t make it any simpler.”

The excursion Thursday on two yachts owned by Al & Alma’s Supper Club and Charter Cruises in Mound was organized by first-year Vikings safety Fred Smoot (above) and possibly two other players, according to Stephen Doyle, the company’s attorney.

At least 17 Vikings players have been identified as being on the yachts, he said. It was unclear how many were involved in sex-related activities.

Doyle said behavior on the cruise included oral sex, masturbation and playing with sex toys.

Supplier of the above link, Mr. David Roth proposes Fred Smooth Cruise Lines as the name of a Fantasy Football League, adding :

Could we, at long last, be looking at the answer to the question ‘what is it going to take to get Mike Tice fired?’

Perhaps, but I suspect losing to the Bears on Sunday would seal the deal. On the bright side, there’s no evidence that any of the tickets for this cruise were scalped.