“Any fan wearing culturally insensitive attire, using obscene or abusive language, engaging in antisocial conduct offensive to those around them or displaying any other offensive behavior,” is subject to ejection from San Francisco’s AT&T Park, or so claims Giants spokesperson Staci Slaughter when speaking with the SF Chronicle’s Kale Williams.  If you’re wondering when Daniel Snyder assumed ownership of another team in the NL West, it seems the Giants’ new edict was provoked by an ugly incident described by Williams below :

The proposal stems from a brouhaha that arose after a fan, who appeared to be Caucasian, donned a headdress at Native American Heritage Night. The fan was approached by two Native Americans who asked for the headdress and then refused to give it back, according to a report from USA Today.

The two fans were escorted from their seats and detained by security, but they were not arrested.

Giants representatives met with the fans after the incident, both apologizing and talking about the best ways to move forward, which, for the Giants, includes “redoubling our efforts to educate and raise awareness with our staff and fans about culturally appropriate behavior and attire,” the team said in a statement.