In the wake of a New Orleans Saints fan claiming he and his family were bullied at last Saturday’s Saints/Niners NFC Divisional Playoff game, the New York Daily News’ Fillip Bondy weighed in yesterday with repeated jabs at San Francisco’s allegedly “soft” football patrons (“all the real fanatics live in working-class Oakland and cheer for the Raiders,” “San Francisco is famous for the Summer of Love. In the summer, New York doesn’t love anybody and nobody loves New York,”). While not particularly funny, Bondy’s column succeeded in raising the ire of the San Francisco Chronicle’s Scott Osteler, who warns his New York colleague in advance of tomorrow’s NFC Championship, “when I see you Sunday I’m going to slap you upside the head with my low-fat, gluten-free butterscotch scone.”

New York weather makes fans tough? Snow? Snow is annoying, but hardly character-developing. All it develops is your already-prodigious whining skills. San Francisco has manly weather. We have fog so thick that you can be walking down the street and get stuck in it like a fly frozen in an ice cube. And wind? Dozens of cars are blown off the Golden Gate Bridge every day. That swimming helps us develop big lungs for cheering.

Our average income is higher than yours? Don’t worry, you’ll close the gap with your next Wall Street Ponzi scheme. If not, hey, we’re all Democrats out here, we’ll just give you whatever you need.