As the Barry-bashing ‘Game Of Shadows’ hits the shelves this week, the Sultan Of Surly isn’t the only superstar implicated.

From MSNBC :

The book claims that Gary Sheffield also wanted to maintain a relationship with Anderson, even after Sheffield and Bonds had a falling out in 2002. Anderson was convicted in the BALCO steroid distribution scandal.

Sheffield reportedly admitted to a federal grand jury that he used a steroid cream in 2003, but said he did not know it contained steroids. He told Sports Illustrated in 2004 that he thought the cream was cortisone-based, and that he kept it openly in his locker. Sheffield used the cream on his injured knee.

But according to the book, Sheffield attempted to get “the cream” and “the clear” through Anderson, who reportedly kept a calendar documenting Sheffield’s use of HGH and testosterone.

Sordid stuff, but if nothing else, Sheff has to be considered a front-runner for the 2007 Comeback Player Of The Year Award.