On what might’ve been a good day for the Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy to lay low, he’s predictably embraced the spotlight.

Blame me if it makes you feel any better, though it seems pretty ridiculous that Theo would break away from a man he worked with for 14 years because of a few lines he read in a column in the Sunday Globe.

There’s been a lot of talk about cartels, smear campaigns, and taking sides, but the fact is that only two men know the truth about the proposed Rockies trade: Lucchino and Epstein. And both know that one of them is spinning a story in an effort to make himself look good and the other look bad. The Epstein camp had its version out there all summer. Lucchino’s camp responded Sunday. Still, no one has disputed the version put forth by the Lucchino camp, and one could view that scenario in a positive fashion — an example of two men who can make things work without worrying about who gets credit or blame. Couldn’t we say the story illustrates harmony rather than acrimony?

I’m still hoping that it can be fixed. Theo knows everyone in Sox Nation wants him back. Lucchino wants him back. They’re both smart people. They’ve been through a ton of life experiences in Baltimore, San Diego, and Boston. Maybe Henry can broker a truce. If Sox fans had their way, they’d watch Henry fire Lucchino and bring back Theo.