From the Desert News’ Linda Hamilton.

Former Utah Jazz assistant coach Gordon Chiesa has resigned his first assistant’s position with the New Jersey Nets, citing family reasons.

Chiesa (above, right), 55, a New Jersey native, left Utah June 9 after 16 seasons as the No. 2 assistant on coach Jerry Sloan’s staff, saying the move up to first assistant would be important as he pursues an NBA head coaching position. He was replaced a few months later by the rehiring of Scott Layden, once Utah’s basketball operations chief.

Word in New Jersey is that Chiesa’s family may have been unhappy there. One of his teenage sons was born in Utah, and both sons lived most of their lives here.

Though I’m sure the cultural chasm between Utah and NJ takes some getting used to, surely Chiesa could’ve assured the boy that they’d be moving to Brooklyn shortly. Which as you all know, has long been considered the Salt Lake City of the East.