(if you say something to Gary about losing his chef to Barry Bonds, well, them’s fighting words)

When most of the postgame chit-chat oughta center around the shitty umpiring and Randy Johnson getting knocked around for the 2nd game in a row, instead we’ll be hearing plenty about the boorish behavior of Boston fans, one of whom had the chutzpah (ie. beer muscles) to feign a swipe at the Yankee right-fielder.

Sheffield, who was praised by Johnny Damon of all people during WEEI’s post-game wrap for showing “restraint”, chose to shove the offending fan while a ball was still in play and baserunners were advancing. I realize they don’t often work on that play during spring-training, but considering the Yankees have two more visits to Fenway in the regular season, perhaps that’s something they can practice on an off-day.

Human rights activists and card-players alike will note that while Ron Artest was suspended for the better part of an NBA season, Sheffield wasn’t even ejected from tonight’s game. If no action from MLB is forthcoming, we can only presume that Sheff is off the hook because he failed to properly beat anyone up.

POSTSCRIPT : Sheffield claims he was hit in the mouth, which is certainly a serious thing. Hopefully the Yankees medical staff will find the right sort of balm to rub on Gary’s legs in order to facilitate faster healing.)