From the New York Post’s Joel Sherman.

In a move that could give the Mets perhaps the finest 1-2 closing punch in the National League, GM Omar Minaya is working to finalize a trade that would bring Danys Baez from Tampa Bay to serve as the primary set-up man for Billy Wagner, The Post has learned.

The Mets have spoken regularly to the Devil Rays for weeks about both Baez and shortstop Julio Lugo, who the Mets would play at second base. But over the last few days, the Mets have narrowed their focus to Baez, who had more saves for Tampa last season (41) than Wagner did for Philadelphia (38).

The Devil Rays would receive a package in return that would be headed by either Jae Seo or Aaron Heilman.

Though such a transaction would give the Mets the sort of bullpen depth we’ve not seen in Flushing since the mid ’80’s, it does seem as though little consideration is given to Heilman’s huge potential, as a set-up guy, closer when/if Wagner does down or a starter. If not traded this time, it seems like he’ll be bait as long as he wears a Mets uniform.

Conversely, it is easy to project any number of games next season in which neither Martinez nor Glavine are going to pitch beyond the 7th inning. Baez’s value, if obtained, could go far beyond that of a mere middle reliever.