The New York Post’s Paul Schwartz on the latest bit of tomfoolery at Col. Coughlin’s Camp X-Ray.

After lunch yesterday, Jeremey Shockey went to sign some autographs and revealed a very purple left hand, stained with dye after he stuck it inside his glove, not knowing that it had been booby-trapped with the unwashable substance that banks use to mark money.

It will take days for Shockey to remove the deep purple stain, and undoubtedly much less time to identify the culprit.

Unsmiling, the temperamental tight end clearly did not appreciate the gag and vowed revenge.

“Dead man walking,” he warned.

“Everyone thinks it’s me,” said guard Rich Seubert, who offered “a cash reward” to anyone who revealed the mastermind behind the purple hand. “I think it was the ballboys. They’re all getting dumped in the cold tub.”

I don’t want to claim any inside knowledge, but I’m very hopeful the guilty party is Jared Lorenzen.