That’s one way to end a losing streak. Curt Schilling became the first Red Sox pitcher to lose a no hitter with two out in the 9th inning, his bid for a never ending post on 38 Pitches immortality ending with a Shannon Stewart line drive single in Boston’s 1-0 win over Oakland earlier today.

The A’s Joe Blanton (7.1 IP, 4 hits) was narrowly outduelled by Schilling, having allowed no substantial damage beyond a first inning HR to David Ortiz, Big Papi’s 11th on the year.

Despite having no legal authority to compel Jason Giambi to speak with former Senator George Mitchell, the Commissioner of Baseball is trying to do exactly that. The New York Times’ Jack Curry finds at least one of the Giambino’s teammates who’ll fess up….to finding the situation farcical.

Mike Myers, a reliever and a former player representative, called the Mitchell investigation œa freight train without brakes and wondered what Selig was trying to achieve.

œThey just let Mitchell loose and have no control about what he does, Myers said. œSelig doesn™t have any control of him. The Senate doesn™t have any control of him. He can pretty much do whatever he wants to do, and as far as Jason talking to Mitchell to determine what kind of punishment should be done, Jason didn™t do anything to be penalized for, so that is a joke in itself.

Pitcher Mike Mussina, the Yankees™ player representative, was asked if he thought Selig™s approach would work.

œTo say either help us or you™re suspended? No, Mussina said. œBut Bud thinks he can do whatever he wants, so we™ll find out.

When did they stop searching for video cameras at Yankee Stadium?