Along with describing Alex Rodriguez’ situation in the Bronx as crying out for a trade, despite the recent denials of Scott Boras and Brian Cashman, the Boston Herald’s Michael Silverman has some pleasant news for those of us who’ve spent the week making harrassing phone calls to Steve Traschel’s house.

The word from associates close to Mets starter Pedro Martinez is that the three-time Cy Young Award winner is ahead of schedule in his rehab from rotator cuff surgery, and that he could return to action ahead of schedule, meaning before the All-Star break next season. Former Red Sox doctor Bill Morgan and Mets doctor Richard Altchek used an innovative technique during the surgery in which they reattached portions of Martinez™ shoulder in such a way that he would not lose flexibility, allowing him to retain full range of motion once his recovery is complete. His velocity should also improve upon the mid- to high-80s fastball he was throwing last summer. Although the surgical technique may not have been available five years ago, this procedure repaired the same tear in the rotator cuff that Martinez developed in the middle of the 2001 season with the Red Sox. Martinez, fearing that the operation would turn out as disastrous to his career as it proved for his brother Ramon, opted for rest and rehab instead.