Never missing an opportunity to bait Frank McCourt or Lt. Dangle, the LA Times’ TJ Simers has an interesting proposal for the 2006 Los Angeles Dodgers.

Remember the story a few weeks back about Barry Bonds and his reported interest in playing for the Angels next year? The Angels weren’t interested because they believe in teamwork and having only one guy in their lineup who can hit home runs?

The thing is, Bonds makes his home in Beverly Hills, and the other day when he was at Dodger Stadium, I was there when he ran into Derek Lowe and told Lowe, “Isn’t it great being here in L.A.?” (Where you can do interviews and pick up chicks at the same time?)

OK, so I couldn’t hear the whole conversation and I’m just guessing how it went, but it got me to thinking about Bonds, his love for L.A., the Giants’ owner saying the only way Bonds won’t be in a Giant uniform is if he asks to be traded, and then I heard Scully say after Bonds’ homer Sunday, “He did what they came here to see.”

Imagine going to Dodger Stadium again with the expectation of seeing something great ” so then why not figure out a way to have Bonds play for the Dodgers next season?

I went to Jeff Kent to see what he thought, but I can’t be really specific about the obscenity he used, because it was more like three or four of them wrapped together in one blubbery retort.

“!@#$%{circ}&,” Kent said. “Haven’t you heard ” Barry and I don’t talk.”

I would think that’s a good thing ” we saw what happened when Kent stopped to chat with Milton Bradley. I reminded Kent he’s always bugging me to be more positive about the Dodgers, and here I was trying to help.