Following a series of tweets last night in which Mad Dog Radio host/determined Tim Tebow apologist Dino Costa (above) characterized The Nation’s Dave Zirin as “a dumb ass flaming lib” and this very blog as a “little website”, I thought it might be a tad illuminating to check out Costa’s own attempts at stringing more than 140 characters together.   On Wednesday, Costa informed his dozen or so readers, “sports leagues have gone overboard with these uniforms that have a matchup like we had last night, the ‘El Magic’ taking on the ‘Los Bulls’…if you’re like me (someone who never thought it was cute) you’re sickened with the frequency that we see these jerseys and uniforms adorned with foreign names.”  Seriously, what the hell is a “Blue Jay” or a “Raptor”?  How can we as Americans be expected to understand such obscure, foreign references?

As far as the NBA is concerned, this is all part of something they call;  Noche Latino.

I call it; Bullshit.

These are American franchises operated on American soil, and the last time I checked, you needed to purchase tickets to NBA games with American money.

Everything else in this going to hell in a handbag country is up for sale — that apparently includes our sports leagues as well.

In the politically correct and sickeningly frightening world of the NBA, Noche Latino involves cities with franchises that have the most concentrated Latin & Hispanic communities.

What about the top 5 markets with the most Jewish representation — don’t those folks count too?

I have a message for the NBA and Major League Baseball.

This isn’t the Dominican, this isn’t Mexico, it isn’t Argentina, and it’s not El Salvador.

Your teams and your leagues operate in The United States Of America.

This is America, Mr. Stern.

This is America, Mr. Selig.

It used to be anyway.

A cursory  Google search failed to turn up Costa columns castigating MLB or the NBA for teams wearing green uniforms on St. Patrick’s Day, or any praise for the New York Mets hosting Jewish Heritage Night. At the risk of regurgitating a portion of last night’s tweets, I’ll say this much for Dino — making Chris Russo seem thoughtful or well read by comparison cannot be a very easy job.

On the bright side, the Southern Mississippi band might’ve found their new triangle player.