With apologies to La Peste for the above mangled headline, Mavericks F Lamar Odom totaled one point, one rebound and 2 assists in 28+ minutes in Wednesday’s loss to the Lakers. Remarkably, the box score might not entirely do justice to Mr. Khole Khardashian’s current level of non-intensity. “I want so badly to take it wasy on Odom,” writes The Two Man Game’s Rob Mahoney, “but this is getting ridiculous.:

Lamar Odom was entirely reduced to being a spot-up guy. Not a spot-up shooter — just a spot-up guy. He parked himself on the perimeter — spacing the floor in theory, I suppose — for entire possessions at a time, and didn’t get all that many touches as a result. Rick Carlisle has given him miles of leeway, and yet 43 games into the season we have yet to see any kind of sustained spark. Inconsistency is one thing, but Odom’s lack of effort — in a matchup in which he had everything to prove, no less – is completely pitiful. I won’t fault another man for dealing with his problems in whatever way he wishes, but I will say that this particular man is playing a brand of basketball so apathetic as to be altogether disrespectful to an organization that had embraced him as one of their own.