It’s an action packed Tuesday AM for the Daily News’ Adam Rubin. In addition to further Manny Ramirez/Miguel Tejada rumors (ie. the Mets as third wheel in a three way trade with Boston and Baltimore), Rubin tips the White Sox to acquire Javier Vazquez (the price being Jon Garland or Jose Contreras) and writes that reliever Antonio Alfonseca’s agent has contacted the Mets.

Finally, Rubin points out that Kris (Kringle?) Benson will play the part of Santa at the Mets’ annual holiday bash tomorrow. The role had previously been held by Mike Cameron and John Franco, so we can safely assume Benson’s a goner. The New York Post’s Michael Morrisey reports that wife Anna has rung Fred Wilpon to try and smooth things over following last week’s flap. Surely an awkward moment for the two of them, but on the bright side, that’s the sort of call that Wilpon will have to pay good money for in a couple of years.