Jim Hoffman kindly refers us to the following item from Female First :

Hollywood actor Tom Sizemore is to release a series of his own home-made sex films.

The ‘Saving Private Ryan’ star, who filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, is bringing out several tapes he made with nine different women, some of which have already been leaked on to the internet, to try and raise cash.

Porn industry sources claim the actor could make millions from the illicit recordings due to the massive current interest in celebrity sex tapes. Sizemore is the latest star to feature in a home-made sex tape.

Who, pray tell, are these “porn industry sources” and why didn’t they just say Tom was in line to earn billions?

Then again, if there’s any footage of Sizemore getting it on while wearing the Pete Rose/Beatle wig, this could be quite the cash cow.

(Tom assures Peter Bogdanovich that the “deleted scenes” from “Hustle” are purely for his own entertainment)