From the revamped, Aaron Gleeman-paying :

Washington Redskins tackle Jon Jansen (above) said Thursday it would be “very naive and foolish” to think NFL players aren’t using human growth hormone.

But he backed down from his statement that “maybe 15, 20 percent” of the league’s players use illegal performance-enhancing substances.

Jansen used those percentages during an interview broadcast Wednesday night on HBO’s “Costas Now.” If accurate, that would translate to about 300 players — including 10 or so Redskins.

“What I meant by it was that it was a small number of players,” Jansen said. “Being a football player, I’m not real good at math. When you do the numbers, it sounds like a bigger percentage than it really is. I meant it was a small percentage of guys.”

He said he knows of no Redskins teammates who use it, “but other guys have talked about what goes on in other places.”