Slamball, America’s slowest-growing new sport (with apologies to Lloyd Dobler) has been featured in this space previously, once at length by Mr. Roth, and once on another, more unfortunate occasion.  Thanks to the Boston Herald’s Jessica Heslam, we have an update on the legal status of former slamballer-turned-SNY-reporter-batterer Ivan Lattimore (above).

Ivan Latimore will spend another year behind bars for sending letters to ex-Channel 7 sports reporter Julie Donaldson after he was convicted of beating her up. Latimore was sentenced to two years in jail, with one year to serve, in September after copping to the booze-filled summer attack that left Donaldson badly beaten. The balance of his sentence was to be suspended for five years, and he was ordered not to contact and stay away from the former beauty queen.

Prosecutors say the professional slamball player penned two letters to Donaldson in October and November from the Barnstable County Correction Facility. The letters were mailed to Donaldson™s Boston digs but Latimore denied sending them to Donaldson because they were addressed to her sister and his brother.

Prosecutors said that Latimore stole a camera from court that purportedly contained sexual images of him and Donaldson that were filmed in the hours before the attack. The judge ruled that there was insufficent evidence that any images were on the camera at the time Latimore took it, Wark said.

Latimore also asked to be moved to another jail because of his œcelebrity and the judge agreed to send him to Worcester over the prosecution™s objection.