…seems to be Topping Francesa As The East Coast’s Formost Megalomaniac.  Eskin lit into Phillies ace Roy Halladay last night for the failing to honor “the media” (ie. Eskin) and his role as the all-important conduit between the great unwashed and the sports universe’s leading lights.  Philly Burbs’ Patrick Berkery takes issue with Eskin’s claims of Halladay showing the high hat to the Fourth Estate, pointing out numerous examples of the pitcher, while not quite a quote machine, being relatively professional with his time.

This is all about you, Howard. You feel slighted because Halladay wouldn’t talk to you. You’ve enjoyed unprecedented access to Philly sports stars like Charles Barkley and Mike Schmidt, but Doc’s not letting you in. Too bad. Shame on you for filling a slow news cycle with your own petty grievances.

Halladay is a model citizen and teammate. Works harder than any Philadelphia athlete I’ve ever seen. Best pitcher we’ve had in this town in a generation. Talks to the media after he pitches. That’s more than enough for me, and I suspect it’s more than enough for most fans and other members of the media.