Despite Toronto’s win over Miami yesterday, Raptors GM Rob Babcock is living on borrowed time writes Hoopworld’s Darren “The Sniper” Andrade (note to self : time to acquire a nickname besides “The Malingerer”).

The Toronto Raptors may not dole out mega-bucks but they have hung around the top third of the league in spending over the past few years, the same amount of time they have been out of the playoffs. A team predicted by most to get worse before they get better. Say all you want about general manager Rob Babcock inheriting a mess of a roster and salary cap situation – the general consensus upstairs is that he hasn’t done, or isn’t doing, enough to make things better. Charlie Villanueva, Joey Graham and Jose Calderon were solid draft picks but they won’t soon undo the damage done by drafting center Rafael Araujo and bumbling the Vince Carter trade in his first season. Should Babcock have the luxury of seeing the third year of his plan through? Probably, but it isn’t likely with a strong word that already has former Orlando Magic GM John Gabriel on the radar as a replacement for the position. Denver Nuggets GM Kiki Vandeweghe has also been mentioned.