In the wake of George Carlin’s passing yesterday, SNY’s Chris Cotter rattled off his own list of favorite comedians, ranking former Dave Chappelle co-star/ Mets fan Jim Breuer just outside his Top 5 of Steven Wright, Dom Irrera, Eddie Murphy, Denis Leary and Steve Martin.

Through the howls of outrage issued by Cotter’s colleagues, Joe Beningno-Gazingo wondered of Breuer, “didn’t he play with Sidney Moncrief?”

After a partnership of nearly 20 years, you might well wonder what topic could possibly be so divisive as to create a deep wedge between Mike Francesca and Chris Russo.  The latter spelled it out for his loyal WFAN listeners earlier today, “whether it™s Yankee Stadium, good or bad, whether it was David Ortiz-Manny Ramirez, whether it was Don Nelson Hall of Fame, not Hall of Fame, Shaq with Phoenix, Yunel Escobar with the Braves, you name it, we were fighting like cats and dogs.”  Presumably, Yunel Escobar was the last straw.